The Creative Process in the Individual

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Everything that happens, happens for a reason-or, more specifically, everything that happens is an effect of some cause that came before. This is the logical progress of physical existence. New Thought pioneer Thomas Troward, in The Creative Process in the Individual, demonstrates not only how this equation applies to all creation, but how it flows from the divine and relates to the metaphysical, as well as where the individual is placed within this schema. Comprehensively considering the spiritual and mundane aspects of such an existential question, Troward, in this 1915 classic, ultimately exposes how the individual can operate in concert with these laws in order to better his existence and more easily meet his spiritual goal: connecting with God. English judge, philosopher, and painter THOMAS TROWARD (1847-1916) lived most of his life in India, in the service of the imperial monarchy. Among his publications, many of which profoundly affected the New Thought Movement, are The Law and the Word, Bible Mystery and Meaning, and The Hidden Power and Other Papers Upon Mental Science.

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Página 4 - ... that is necessary in order that you may use this key and make your life exactly what you wish it to be, is a careful inquiry into the unseen causes which stand back of every external and visible condition. Then bring these unseen causes into harmony with your conception, and you will find that you can make practical working realities of possibilities which at present seem but fantastic dreams.

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