Attractive Thinking: The five questions that drive successful brand strategy and how to answer them

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Forget everything you’ve been told about maximizing Lifetime Customer Value.

To take your business to the next level, you need a brand strategy that’s focused on attracting new customers, not exploiting existing ones.

In this transparent digital age, smart business leaders know that profitable growth comes from helping customers, not exploiting them. Attractive Thinking sets out a ground-breaking methodology, developed during 30 years’ experience transforming brands for Pepsi, Mars, Miracle Gro and many high-end service businesses, to achieve exactly that.

Discover the five key questions you must answer to create a better brand strategy and the tools to deliver it: clarity on what matters to customers; products and services that customers love; marketing that attracts them; and a team that is committed to delivering it.

Attractive Thinking is a practical handbook for CEOs, managing directors and marketers who want to make the big-brand techniques work for them.


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What is Attractive Thinking and why does it work?
Start with the customer
How to understand customers
Why is it so difficult to get it right?
The five questions and
How can we solve the problem
How do we create a product service
How do customers find out about it
How do we engage our shareholders board
a brand strategy that everyone
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A former marketing director at Pepsi and managing director at HEAD sports, Chris launched his Differentiate strategy consulting firm in 1996. He has helped Mars create the Celebrations chocolate brand and turn Galaxy into the chocolate brand leader in the Middle East. He worked with Scotts to make Miracle Gro the market leader in gardening. He has helped many other CEOs and marketing directors in high-end business services to take their brand to the next level with his distinctive 'Differentiate' method. Chris is also a non-executive director and entrepreneur in the travel industry, and speaks and writes extensively about why businesses must focus on attracting new customers rather than extract more money from existing customers. He speaks regularly at industry conferences and run his own marketing and business events attracting important business decision makers and entrepreneurs.

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