Piscatory Eclogues: With Other Poetical Miscellanies

A. Kincaid and W. Creech, 1771 - 151 páginas

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Página 59 - What recks it them? What need they? They are sped; And when they list, their lean and flashy songs Grate on their scrannel pipes of wretched straw ; The hungry sheep look up and are not fed, But swoln with wind and the rank mist they draw, Rot inwardly and foul contagion spread; Besides what the grim wolf with privy paw Daily devours apace, and nothing said. But that two-handed engine at the door Stands ready to smite once and smite no more.
Página 128 - Whose presence, as along she went, The pretty flowers did greet, As though their heads they downward bent With homage to her feet. And all the shepherds that were nigh, From top of every hill, Unto the valleys loud did cry, There goes sweet Daffodil.
Página 7 - Whether nature joyn'd with art, had wrought me, Or I too much beleev'd the fidier's praife ; Or whether Phcebus...
Página 27 - One day (as chane't) he spied that painted boat Which once was his : though his of right it were, He bought it now again, and bought it deare. But Chame to Gripus gave it once again, Gripus, the basest and most dung-hill swain, That ever drew a net, or flsht in fruitful main, xv. Go now, ye fisher-boys, go learn to play, To play and sing along your Cbauius...
Página 53 - Thelgon, my pipe is whole, and nets are new : But nets and pipe contemn'd, and idle lie : My little reed, that late so merry blew, Tunes sad notes to his...
Página 148 - ... he finds, With broken murmurs thinks weak shores to fear, Scorning such sandy cords his proud head binds; More than where rivers in the summer's ray, Through covert glades cutting their shady way, Run tumbling down the lawns and with the pebbles play. Thy strains to hear, old Camus from his cell '" Comes guarded with an hundred nymphs around, An hundred nymphs, that in his rivers dwell, About him flock with water-lilies crowned...
Página 58 - Like to that fanguine flower infcrib'd with woe. Ah ; Who hath reft (quoth he) my deareft pledge ? Laft came, and laft did go, The Pilot of the Galilean lake, Two...
Página 73 - No sooner drinks he down that poisonous eye, But mourns and pines: (ah piteous crueltie!) With her he longs to live; for her he longs to die.
Página 13 - Which oft to hoar, fair Thetis, from her cell — Thetis, the queen of seas, attended round With hundred nymphs, and many powers that dwell In th' ocean's rocky walls — came up to hear.
Página 46 - Thy honied tongue, charming the melted eares, Stills stormy hearts, and quiets frights and fears : My daring heart provokes thee ; and no wonder, When earth so high aspires, if heavens thunder.

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