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Página 360 - Editor of the American Citizen: SIR, — I arrived this afternoon at 4 o'clock, in the steamboat from Albany. As the success of my experiment gives me great hopes that such boats may be rendered of great importance to my country, to prevent erroneous opinions and give some satisfaction to the friends of useful improvements, you will have the goodness to publish the following statement of facts: I left New York on Monday, at...
Página 382 - The terms are for the present fixed at 4s. for the best cabin, and 3s. the second ; but, beyond these rates, nothing is to be allowed to servants, or any other person employed about the vessel. The subscriber continues his establishment at Helensburgh Baths, the same as for years past, and a vessel will be in readiness to convey passengers in the COMET from Greenock to Helensburgh. Passengers by the COMET will receive information of the hours of sailing, by applying at Mr.
Página 393 - William ingeniously and ingenuously remarked, that, ' even if the propeller had the power of propelling a vessel, it would be found altogether useless in practice, because the power being applied in the stern, it would be absolutely impossible to make the vessel steer.
Página 322 - ENGINE may be applied to work the WHEELS, so as to give them a quicker motion, and consequently, to increase that of the ship. In the course of this summer, I intend to make the experiment ; and the result, if favourable, shall be communicated to the public.
Página 472 - There is no profession which can be compared in importance with that of agriculture, for to it belongs the production of food for man and animals ; on it depends the welfare and development of the whole human species, the riches of states, and all commerce. There is no other profession in which the application of correct principles is productive of more beneficial effects, or is of greater and more decided influence.
Página 314 - When the skilful operator had obtained an equilibrium, he could row upward or downward, or continue at any particular depth, with an oar placed near the top of the vessel, formed upon the principle of the screw, the axis of the oar entering the vessel ; by turning the oar one way, he raised the vessel, by turning it the other way he depressed it...
Página 318 - C alone, and may be wholly under water, when it would, by being turned round either way, cause the ship to be forced backward or forward, as the inclination of the fans, or wings, will act as oars with equal force both ways ; and their power will be in proportion to the size and velocity of the wheel, allowing the fans to have a proper inclination.
Página 309 - A new invention for raising of water and occasioning motion to all sorts of mill work by the impellent force of fire, which will be of great use and advantage for draining mines, serving towns with water, and for the working of all sorts of mills where they have not the benefit of water nor constant winds.

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