Review, Historical and Political, of the Late Revolution in France: And of the Consequent Events in Belgium, Poland, Great Britain, and Other Parts of Europe, Volumen1

Carter, Hendee & Company, 1833

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Página 151 - Art. 41. The land and house tax can only be voted for one year. The indirect taxes may be voted for many years. " Art. 42. The King is to convoke every year the two Chambers, and he has the right to prorogue them, and to dissolve that of the Deputies...
Página xxxviii - Go tell your master that we are here by the power of the people, and that nothing shall expel us but the bayonet.
Página 141 - In the accomplishment of this noble task it is for the Chambers to guide me. All rights must be solemnly guaranteed, all the institutions necessary to their full and free exercise must receive the developments of which they have need. Attached by inclination and conviction to the principles of a free government, I accept beforehand all the consequences of it.
Página 35 - No ti oops were stationed to defend the coast, and, on the 14th, early, the landing began. A single circumstance will show how complete had been the equipment of the expedition. The packages, sacks, barrels, &c., had been covered with a double water-proof envelope, so that, if occasion required, they might be thrown into the sea., and washed on shore by the waves uninjured. The plan was put in operation at the time when a...
Página 122 - that I am a Republican, and that I regard the Constitution of the United States as the most perfect that has ever existed.
Página 154 - Considering that, instead of reigning according to the terms of his oath, with a sole view to the interest, the happiness, and the glory of the French people...
Página 155 - ... which has been proposed to me to be observed. " I should have ardently desired never to fill the throne to which the national will calls me ; but I yield to this will, expressed to the Chambers in the name of the French people, for the maintenance of the charter and the laws. " The modifications which we have just made in the charter guarantee the security of the future and the prosperity of France. Happy at home, respected abroad, at peace with Europe, it will be more consolidated.
Página 58 - And considering, on the one hand, that the Chamber of Deputies, not having been constituted, could not be legally dissolved, on the other, that the attempt to form a new Chamber of Deputies in a novel and arbitrary manner is...
Página 141 - I have come, firmly resolved to devote myself to all that circumstances should require of me in the situation in which they have placed me, to establish...
Página 53 - ... regulations and ordinances necessary for the execution of the laws and the safety of the State.

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