Exotics, Attempts to Domesticate Them

Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1875 - 141 páginas

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Página 1 - Happy the man - and happy he alone He who can call today his own, He who, secure within, can say 'Tomorrow, do thy worst, for I have lived today: Be fair or foul or rain or shine, The joys I have possessed in spite of Fate are mine: Not Heaven itself upon the Past has power, But what has been has been, and I have had my hour.
Página 116 - I've called so often; never heard the ' Here am I' ; And I thought, God will not pity, will not turn on me his eye." Then the grave Elias answered, "God said, 'Rise, Elias, go, Speak to him. the sorely tempted; lift him from his gulf of woe. " 'Tell him that his very longing is itself an answering cry; That his prayer, "Come, gracious Allah,
Página 4 - Clothing the palpable and the familiar With golden exhalations of the dawn. Whatever fortunes wait my future toils, The beautiful is vanished — and returns not.
Página 114 - Whose prayer is pure Will God's chastisements endure." Malik from a deeper sense Uttered his experience : " He who loves his Master's choice Will in chastisement rejoice.
Página 105 - O DOMINE Deus, Speravi in Te ; O care mi Jesu Nunc libera me : In dura catena, In misera poena, Desidero Te. Languendo, gemendo, et genuflectendo, Adoro, imploro, ut liberes me.
Página 85 - According as the sun and planets saw, From their bright thrones, the moment of thy birth. Such is thy Destiny: and by that Law Thou must go on — and on — upon the earth.
Página 77 - With book upside down in his hand. Their hymn has no sense in its letter, Their music no rhythm nor tune : Our worship, perhaps, may be better, But theirs reaches God quite as soon. Their angels stand close to the Father; His heaven is bright with these flowers ; And the dear God above us would rather Hear praise from their lips than from ours. Sing on, little children, — your voices Fill the air with contentment and love ; All Nature around you rejoices, And the birds warble sweetly above. Sing...
Página 76 - THE bells of the churches are ringing, — Papa and mamma have both gone, — And three little children sit singing Together this still Sunday morn. While the bells toll away in the steeple, Though too small to sit still in a pew, These busy religious small people Determine to have their church too. So, as free as the birds, or the breezes By which their fair ringlets are fanned, Each rogue sings away as he pleases, With book upside down in his hand. Their hymn has no sense in its letter, Their music...
Página 98 - Love the Lord, and thou shalt see Him : Do his will, and thou shalt know, How the spirit lights the letter — How a little child may go, Where the wise and prudent stumble ; How a heavenly glory shines, In his acts of love and mercy, From the Gospel's simplest lines...
Página 119 - tis true. Oh, ask not why, For still to God I turn my eye. " It was a chance by which I fell ; Another takes me back from hell. " Twas but my envy of mankind — The envy of a loving mind. " Jealous of men, I could not bear God's love with this new race to share. " But yet God's tables open stand ; His guests flock in from every land : " Some kind act toward the race of men May toss us into heaven again.

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